Brambleton Ch. 05: A Higher Life

The Hunt, the Hunters, and the Hunted

The cocktail hour in the large living room at Ravensworth would have been overwhelming for Matt if Perry had not stayed close to him and been adept at including him in the various small chit-chat discussions just enough to make Matt feel like he was part of the discussion. Perry obviously was a favorite among this sophisticated, horsy crowd of eccentric and quite evidently very wealthy people. Very few there were as young as Matt and Pe

brambleton higher life

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How Life Changes Ch. 02

I guess I should take a moment and describe Jason. He is 25 year-old slender 5 foot 6 inch male. He has blond shoulder length hair, blue eyes, and a butt to die for. He is, to say the least, a little on the feminine side. He is young enough to be my grandson. I hope he does not kill me. 

He Jason woke me up my sucking on my cock and stroking my nipples. I pulled him up and suggested a shower and sex. We got in the shower and washed each others body getting it clean. We concentrate

how life changes

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How Life Changes Ch. 01

A couple of years ago I wrote a couple of stories for Literotica and told about my first and only gay encounter when I was 19 year old guy. I never had another until my wife passed away 18 months ago. My life changed and so did my wanting for gay sex. 

I was on a project and in Anchorage, Alaska and started out marching in the Gay pride parade. I started visiting gay hangouts and finally got hit on by a young gay man in Anchorage his name was Jason. We shared a cup of coffee and h

how life changes

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This Thing Called Life

I had it all figured out this thing called life, or so I thought. Turns out life can kick you in the balls when you're not looking and turn your whole world around. I'm a jock, sorry, was a jock; I guess once you graduate high school unless you go pro or get a scholarship you're not technically a jock anymore. I still run and lead an active life though and therefore am fit for my 19 year age.

The aforementioned figuring out part was that I was a high school jock w

this thing called life

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A Secret Life Ch. 04

Note: I posted quite a short last chapter because I felt this bit needed to be on its own. I'm not quite sure why the story took this turn but I think it works so I've left it as first written.

This chapter features fairly mild and consensual D/s with spanking and anal plugs. If that isn't your thing then you can skip to chapter 5 (the last one) which should be up tomorrow, and you can pick the story up there - this chapter is pretty much all play.

* * * * *

secret life

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Oberführer Turned My Life Around Ch. 02

Oberführer Von Teuer was fucking the hell out of me. I was past caring. I secretly hoped he had a long time before reaching his orgasm, but he lasted only another 20 minutes or so. Through all that hard slogging, he kept me in the longest afterglow of my life, drawing out my climax and ejaculations so long my balls hurt. When I heard him let out a long, low moan, my gut was so alive and sensitive, I could actually feel the hot jets of his semen shooting up in me. 

I had to face it

oberführer turned life around

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The Good Life Ch. 02

Thank you to everyone who left comments on The Good Life Ch. 01, your encouragement really made all the difference. I hope you enjoy the finale. 

Days turned to weeks, and I didn't hear from Evan. After I found out what Jason had done to him I realized just how bad I had hurt him, how I had ignored the walls he put up and just pushed right along like an animal in rut. The situation was so fucked up I couldn't see any possible way to fix it. From my end it was almost poetic.

the good life

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The Secret Life of Bob

Bob watched his wife Jackie pull on her satin panties, the smooth fabric tightening over the curve of her hips and pulled taut over the globes of her ass cheeks. His cock, still slick from their morning in bed, pulsed back to life. She turned and smiled at him, her pouty lips drawn up under her aquiline nose, her tousled blonde hair, curling over her shoulders and down her back. Without taking her eyes off of him, she hooked her large, hanging breasts into a push-up bra, concealing the distended

the secret life bob

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A Secret Life Ch. 01

Authors note: The idea for this story came when I was writing A New Life and it features characters from that and a one scene in particular that was key to how this gets going. You don't need to have read the first story to get this one though. It's also done from two perspectives, because I like knowing both sides of any story.

This one is less of a slow burner and features more sex, but still has some plot. I hope you like it, and if you do please vote! Oh, and I promise to p

secret life

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Colin's Bi-Sexual Side Of Life


Colin Jennings is a very handsome and very fit young man at the age of 26. At 6'3" his sculptured body weighs in at 190 pounds. He has light brown hair, hazel eyes and he is a picture of physical fitness. He was an exceptional student athlete in high school and went to college on an athletic scholarship. In his junior year of college he had the opportunity to study in Europe for a year so he passed up playing ball that year and spent the time in Paris.

colin's bi-sexual side life

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