A Late Shift

As Mark rang the bell at the back of the hotel, he smiled, knowing he had at last done something for his mother. Life had been hard since his father had left many years before and his mother had struggled heroically to bring up Mark and his younger sister Kelly in their small apartment, but at last he could repay a little of the effort she had put it. 

Since he was sixteen he had been planning this. Some guessed that Mark was still sixteen -- he looked quite boyish with his mop of

late shift

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Late Night Pick-Up

Was I there by accident, or was it because of my sub-conscious?

I had just finished drinking with some friends downtown, and I had convinced myself to take a little walk over to where all the gay bars were. I'd done this a million times...I'd get drunk, and being full of liquid courage I'd walk over there, choose a gay bar and try to go inside. A million times a paranoid voice would warn me away, "Someone you know will see you! Forget it!" and then I'd go home, jacking off, dreami

late night pick-up

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Late Night Surprise Pt. 01

It was late. 


It was really late. Like going on 3am late. And I was still in the Fine Arts building. There are many perks to being a music major, but late night practice sessions are one of the biggest downsides. It was nearing the end of the semester, which meant juries were soon. Juries are playing exams where each student plays for all the faculty in the department and it determines whether or not we continue studying as a music major. It's definitel

late night surprise

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