Labor Day Cum & Play Ch. 03: Final

We strolled the dark soft sand hand in hand searching for the perfect spot. The setting couldn't have been more perfect for my first time. The only sound I could hear (other than my heart beating because of the bundle of nerves I was in) was the waves constantly crashing against the sand accompanied by the breathtaking smell of the ocean breeze. The sky was littered with a million stars and the full moon cast it's beaming shadow on the black water. It was a night I will never forget.

labor day cum & play final

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Labor Day Cum & Play

As boys, Ethan and I spent many nights at the other's house. His brother was a few years older than us, a football jock, and was popular with the girls at school. My sister was the same age as Ethan's brother, but was more concerned with her friends than after school activities. They were both part of the popular crowd and often hung out together after school, giving Ethan and I more time to spend together.

As we got older, and spent more time together we became close, of course,

labor day cum & play

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