My Wife Knew I Was Bi

My name is Gary and I'm married to Jennifer. We're both in our fifties and both in great shape and sex with Jennifer is still great. She wouldn't let me cum in her mouth or fuck her ass. Two things I've always wanted to do. 

There's one fantasy she doesn't know I have and that's having sex with a man. So when I'm home alone, I surf the Internet and chat with men while jerking off to movie clips of men sucking cock and eating cum. I'm just too chicken to be with a man in real life.

wife knew was

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Never Knew what was Next Door

I was having Chrissy over for dinner. Chrissy is tall, thin, attractive brunette. We were just friends, but to be more accurate I should say I was deep in the friend zone with her. I was never good with girls and so I got used to her getting with other guys while keeping me as her friend. Over time Chrissy has confessed to me multiple times she's primarily into athletic black men, as some sort of taboo thing or something, so I didn't really think I was ever going to get anywhere with her anyway.

never knew what was next door

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