Educating Ken Ch. 02: Ski Trip

I owe massive thanks to Melanie for her input on this one. And thanks as ever to my editor, goddess9991. She seems to be doing a good job fooling some of you into thinking I can actually write.


I was chilling in my room at the barracks, all caught up on my classwork and passing the evening with a book, when Nicolas and Jon called. The call was more than welcome, I'd been thinking about them a lot since our weekend together. And not just because of the sex

educating ken ski trip

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Danny One Way and Ken the Other

For all you guys out there who maybe scrabble about if you are one way or the other, and those who know they are gay but are scared of coming out or meeting someone in the flesh to play with, take it from me, you will feel so much better for letting it all out.

Just be you, you are what you are, if you are gay then that is how it was meant to be, so let go off that silly guard you hide behind and do what I did, find someone you really like and he thinks the same about you and simp

danny one way and ken the other

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