Justin Ch. 03

-Work sucks. (Justin messaged me this week after we returned from the trip. The semester was winding down and with projects, papers and exams all coming due, I didn't have much free time and the time I did have didn't mesh with Justin's schedules for class and work.)

-So does school.

-Haven't seen you in weeks.

-I know. It bites.

-It does. Not much longer before classes are over.

-Yep, two weeks. But I only have a week be


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Justin Ch. 04

The week after we returned from our trip, Mark announced that he wanted to move in with Julie. While he didn't want to leave Justin without a roommate, Julie was about to sign a new lease and this would be a good time for them to start living together.

I had saved up enough money for a car and was working enough hours that my parents actually suggested I take Mark's spot with Justin.

-Hey. (Justin messaged me as I sat with my parents watching TV)



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Justin Ch. 01

For most people, encountering a big dick is a rare and special thing. Not for me. From the time I was eighteen, I had been able to experience one because of my brother Mark's best friend, our next-door neighbor Justin. Both being two years older than me, we had grown up together and, by extension, Justin was like a second big brother. Further cementing his acceptance into our family was the fact that Mark and Justin's birthdays were only days apart. From the time they were eight, they demanded h


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