The Handyman Ch. 09: July 2010

"The interview went well?"

"Yes, it did."

"You didn't think it would, did you? You thought Cole would queer it."

Tab and Ben Semple were sitting out on the deck of Tab's waterside cottage overlooking the north end of Plymouth Bay on the estate of the man Tab had found handyman work with and who wanted Tab near enough to visit when his family wouldn't miss him from the big house up on the bluff.

"The manager at the cranberry packaging bu

the handyman july 2010

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Christmas in July

The corners of Larry Hale's mouth turned up as he watched the Ford Explorer attempting to back the pop-up camper into the campsite without hitting the tree or the fire ring. In the year and a half that he'd been staying at the Creekside Campground, he'd seen about a dozen campers hit the tree separating his site from the weekenders' site.

Truth be told, the weekenders usually annoyed the crap out of him. This was his home for now. The weekenders came with their coolers filled with

christmas july

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