Joy of Jonathan Pt. 04

My names is David a white thirty three year old who is enjoy being an exhibitionist, enjoys masturbating, edging, the scent and feel of cum, and I have to confess, the scent and feel of piss.

It's all his fault. Jonathan, just saying his name conjures up his image, tall solid built dancer slash swimmer's slash gymnasts gorgeous dark echolocate black body. Him of the flat tummy, the horse hung eight-inch cock and a pair of golf balls sized nuts. I can't get our play time together

joy jonathan

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Joy of Jonathan Pt. 03

My name's David a thirty something white guy who's had a bad string of uncooperative white woman and so I'm returned to my college days of jacking off with guys. I am completely naked with my cut cock bare smooth and bare, lying all soft and flaccid between my legs. I'm still all mellow from having had my guest jack me off. Jonathan's sitting next to me, this completely naked black man, slender, tall, and fit with dark chocolate skin cuddled up next to me. He just finished pumping out his creamy

joy jonathan

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Joy of Jonathan Pt. 01-02

Part One

Ahhh...don't you just love the smell of sex and cum? Naked bodies writhing in a shine of perspiration and that gooey wet feel of cum dripping of your skin.


I'm naked at my place with my fist gliding up and down my six inch long cut shaft, with my first cum load beginning to dry on my chest as I work on my second. On screen have been an ongoing stream of blonde bitches sucking down a multitudes of dudes with stiff thick cocks and flood g

joy jonathan 01-02

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Hot Jonathan

God, I thought. Why did you put someone so hot as Jonathan in my Chemistry class?

It had to be a cruel joke to put such a huge slab of muscle jock in front of the classroom. How could anyone be expected to pay attention? Really, I'm sure most of the girls (and some of the guys) were happy that Jonathan was presenting to the class on electron states. How often did anyone have an excuse to ogle one of the hottest rugby jocks on campus? It was a once and a lifetime chan

hot jonathan

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