Joe Tom

I had my soft dick in my hand. I gently rubbed it and slid the foreskin back and forth over the glans. I was embarrassed as hell.

"Come on, Marc! Please do it for me! It's our last time together, man."

I looked at my friend Carl's face, freckled and ruddy. I'd known him for several years. He was lying naked on my bed and I stood beside the bed, my dick hanging loosely over his face. I squeezed my dick harder, trying to force an erection.

"That's good,

joe tom

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Voyage of Discovery with Joe

I could not expect Joe to come running, just because I wanted a quickie. He was a nice guy whom I cherished very much but the last thing I wanted was to be a burden to him.

But I was simply overwhelmed by my relentless sexual drive to the point that I could not sleep. I was besotted by Joe and dreamed of how it was when we were together every night. The taste of him was always in my mouth and the feel of him up my ass. The way he loved me so passionately like he was partaking in a

voyage discovery with joe

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Joe Tom Ch. 03

I was off work that weekend. The ER doctor insisted I needed some rest. Lecky agreed. He thought the restaurant and I both could use a few days to let the dust settle. A lot of gossip and innuendo was going around about the dust up Joe Tom and I had with Rebecca Knowles. I needed the money but I was happy to just vegetate until Monday even though I felt perfectly fine.

On Monday I went to classes as usual. A lot of giggling, finger pointing, and gossip but the day went okay. It's

joe tom

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Joe Loves To Fuck Me

"Oh fuck, Joe, fuck...mmmm Daddy I like it!" Joe was eating my ass like nobody's business. His scruffy face rubbing against the insides of my cheeks. He was tongue fucking me, while his lips slide alongside my juicy, puckered ass hole. He would occasionally work his way down, and suck on my smooth balls. He moaned loudly, while he penetrated me over and over. My face was pressing into the mattress, and my ass was high in the air. His hands were propping my thighs and ass up. 


joe loves fuck

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