Jim Boomer's Schlong Semester

I probably ought to feel worse about what we did to Jim Boomer, or rather, what we had him do to us, that last term at university, but when I start thinking back about that strange, singular semester, I just can't get around to feeling much remorse. On at least one level, he brought it all on himself.

Lenny and I, old high school jerk-off buddies, had reunited as roommates for our final year at the University of New Hampshire. We had had miserable fortune in the love department th

jim boomer's schlong semester

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Jim and Al: A Man's Tale

The story you about to read is 100% true. Only the names have changed.

I stood in the shower, letting the tepid water flow across my face and down my chest. This heat and humidity had become so bad that taking a hot shower just meant that you would be sweating before you dried afterward.

I ran my hands down my chest and belly, spreading the shower gel over myself before going to work on lathering up. The touch of my own hand, running over my 50 yo sixpack, ma

jim and man's tale

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A Birthday Gift for Jim

"Johnny," Sue whispered in my ear, "you want to come and party with us at our house?"

Her hand was rubbing my thigh through my jeans, and occasionally brushed over my hard cock. She giggled when she felt my erection.

My face flushed from the alcohol and excitement. I answered her, "Ah, well...yeah, sure!"

The bartender had just announced 'last call' when Sue asked me. I'd met her and her husband Jim a couple hours earlier, and we hit it off immediate

birthday gift for jim

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Jim Becomes Bi-curious Ch. 02

On Saturday morning Jim looked out his window to see if the car was still in the Willows' driveway. Much to his delight the car was still there. Jim then made a pot of coffee, got the morning paper and made breakfast for himself. As Jim ate breakfast his minded wandered again and he thought about what Kyle's night must have been like having the pretty oriental ladyboy share his bed. Then Jim thought about all the things he would like to do with that ladyboy. Jim cleaned up after breakfast and th

jim becomes bi-curious

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