Jake Finds a Shower Buddy

I stayed after school to work out in the weight room as I did several times a week. I like to keep fit even though I am not on any of the organized teams. I'm a senior now, 18 years old, and we were just starting the Christmas break. The school was pretty much deserted since most of the kids lit out like jackrabbits as soon as the final bell rang. It was nice to have the weight room to myself for a change instead of waiting in line for the various pieces of equipment. I was working on the bench 

jake finds shower buddy

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Awake with Jake Pt. 02

"You shouldn't have poured me that much," my dad said the way he always did after I'd already brought him a nightcap.

"There's a funnel in the cupboard," I reminded him. "I could pour half of it back into the bottle."

"Ooh no!" he winced. "You can't mix poured whiskey with unpoured. I've told you that before."

You certainly have, I thought. On many, many occasions.

I sat back down and poured the top half of a bottle of beer into my glas

awake with jake

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Awake with Jake Pt. 01

"So, tell me about you and Marcus," my dad said after he'd sat himself down opposite me with his glass of white wine.

"What's there to tell?" I asked with a shrug after taking a deep gulp from the beer he'd handed me. I was more used to being passed a glass of coke or Sprite but now that I'd spent my first term at university and was seen as 'all growed up', he was finally letting me join him for a proper father and son drink.

"How did the two of you... well... 'get

awake with jake

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Awake with Jake Pt. 03

I got into bed with Marcus, having to push him to one side so that the two of us could fit into the single bed.

"Move over, you dick-munch!" I whispered to him, when it was clear that I'd awoken him.

We might have sex but we're not that big on sweet talk.

"What time is it?" he grunted, moving across and making some space for me behind him.

"A bit after one," I replied, climbing in and getting under the duvet with him. "My dad has a tend

awake with jake

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Awake with Jake Pt. 04

I looked at the clock. It was going on for three. At this rate, I was going to need half a jar of coffee to get me going in the morning.

I'd been enjoying having horny thoughts about the first time I'd hooked up with Marcus, and it had been nice to lie here snuggling into his back and rubbing my dick against his bum while I'd played through it in my head. I'd thought that sleep would gradually take me, but as it hadn't and all those thoughts had left me with a hard-on that wouldn'

awake with jake

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