From a Jack to a Queen Ch. 01

"Open my pants and take out my cock!"

It never failed. My hard-on always twitched and throbbed whenever I said those words to a new boy.

What was even more exciting was the feel of their trembling and eager hands as they fumbled with my slacks and boxers trying desperately to free my erection to please me.

When his fingers finally encircled my stiff shaft and began stroking it I sat back in the seat and relaxed.

"Take it in your mouth

from jack queen

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From a Jack to a Queen Ch. 02

I lie in bed, eyes wide open, staring into the darkness; my mind a whirling kaleidoscope of images and colors. Mainly one image and one sensation: Fred's smile and the feel of his cock in my hand.

I had no doubt he was a 'special someone' but was he destined to be that 'someone' for me?

When he had used the exact same phrases I used and I blindly obeyed him up until his final command it was like I belonged to him. It felt natural to do his bidding. It thrilled me at

from jack queen

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Sharing Jack

I have loved my husband Jack since shortly after we started seeing each other. For whatever reason, when we were first dating he had told me that he had a jerk-off session with another guy when he was a teenager. I was shocked at first, as I couldn't figure out the relevance of why he was telling me what he did 25 years ago. As is my habit, I read between the lines almost instantly and realized he was talking about it because he liked it and desired to do it again. I found that the realization m

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