I'll Say When You're Done

Wow, thick. How long is it?

- 7 inches

Hot, dark, uncut cock!

can I see it with the foreskin over the head, by any chance?

Awesome, what a fatty!

You like to top? You like to slide that into me?"

- Yes

- I would like to fuck your tight ass.

- Show me your hole.

Itching for your cock. What position do you like?

- First your back 'cause I want to see

i'll say when you're done

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First Time and I'll Be Back

For my first time, I wanted a firm fucking, not hugging or kissing or getting to know each other, just sex. It finally happened a couple of weeks ago after I'd just turned 22 . I'd been searching online for ages, but first-timer is usually taken to mean no-show. The only offers I got were for gentle kissing/touching or pretty extreme domination/forcing fantasies. Neither appealed right then, so I lied. I wasn't a virgin, I'd had a couple of fucks (in honesty, I'd sucked one cock in a toilets at 

first time and i'll back

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I'll Show You After Work

This story is totally made up. Please don't repost it without talking to me about it first. 

I work in an office where I am one of the younger guys there and I am definitely on the casual side as far as dressing goes. A lot of the guys have to go out on sales calls and therefore do the shirt/tie thing, but my job keeps me in the office and also involves carrying stuff around so I usually wear either jeans or cargos and a t-shirt. Naturally like many young guys I sag my pants a few

i'll show you after work

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