Big Game Hunter

Sombat heard the garage door opener start to hum and he sat straight up in the chaise lounge by the pool. "He's home early. Where to today?"

He jumped up from the lounger and lit out toward the kitchen door, padding along on bare feet. Ham might go to the kitchen first. There was little reason he'd go into the study before going upstairs, though. Sombat scooted into the study as he heard the key turn in the lock of the door to the garage from the kitchen. He ducked under the desk.

big game hunter

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Hunting with Hunter

Journal entry: July 5th, 1979

How has it come to this? I always thought I knew what I was capable of. And yet here I am planning this. Have I gone slightly mad and no one thought to tell me? Why have none of my friends clued me in? Freddie, Brian, Roger, John ... where were you guys when this insanity began to take hold of me? Why did not one of you tell me this was too crazy?

Putting down my pen, I swallowed the last bite of my pimento cheese sandwich

hunting with hunter

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