The Hung Black Guy at the Sex

I had stopped at the sex store that had video booths in the back room late one afternoon. As I was stopping, getting out of my car, I saw a tall young black guy with a medium Afro, that had been walking past, he looked at me and then turned around and went into the sex store ahead of me. I thought, Could this guy read me that well that he immediately understood I was on the prowl for cock?

Here I was a 40-something married white guy, going into a sex arcade, and this young black g

the hung black guy the sex

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Carl: My Hung Black Internet Lover

At 37, life had become quite mundane. It was 1999 and I had been divorced for two years after 12 years of lackluster sex with a disinterested wife.. A cold loveless marriage didn't work for me and I decided I'd had enough I had married young, at 23, after graduating college. Now I shared custody of two great kids, and suddenly I had a lot of extra alone time on my hands. 

My name is Chris. I've been told that I am a good looking guy. Honestly I never thought I was. I didn't have a

hung black internet lover

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The Hung Black Guy at the Sex Ch. 00

The chapters can be read independently, but you may want to read them in order. 


I left James apartment with his words ringing in my head, "Be back here Saturday at 4:00pm." Neither my wife or I usually worked on Saturday and I had no idea of what kind of excuse I could use that would let me get away for a few hours Saturday afternoon.

I headed home to get cleaned up before my wife got back at her usual 7:00pm time. All during the drive my

the hung black guy the sex

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