How Can It Feel This Good? Ch. 02

Dave woke slowly, his head feeling like it was being repetitively struck with a sledgehammer in time with his pulse. He licked his lips, trying to make his mouth at least a little less like the Sahara desert. Trying to gather his bearings, he realised he was naked and on the couch, and his arse was a bit sore. At least I took a shit last night, he thought, so I won't have to do a grog bog this morning. He couldn't remember why he was naked. He couldn't remember nearly anything about the previous

how can feel this good?

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How Life Changes Ch. 02

I guess I should take a moment and describe Jason. He is 25 year-old slender 5 foot 6 inch male. He has blond shoulder length hair, blue eyes, and a butt to die for. He is, to say the least, a little on the feminine side. He is young enough to be my grandson. I hope he does not kill me. 

He Jason woke me up my sucking on my cock and stroking my nipples. I pulled him up and suggested a shower and sex. We got in the shower and washed each others body getting it clean. We concentrate

how life changes

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How Life Changes Ch. 01

A couple of years ago I wrote a couple of stories for Literotica and told about my first and only gay encounter when I was 19 year old guy. I never had another until my wife passed away 18 months ago. My life changed and so did my wanting for gay sex. 

I was on a project and in Anchorage, Alaska and started out marching in the Gay pride parade. I started visiting gay hangouts and finally got hit on by a young gay man in Anchorage his name was Jason. We shared a cup of coffee and h

how life changes

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How He Became A Gay Male Urinal Ch. 02

Chapter 2 On the Job training

The big day is here. It's Sunday morning and Elliott will find out for sure where he will be working as a urinal today. Uncle Richard lets him out of the cage. He empties my urine jug into the piss funnel and instructs Elliott that once we leave for my job he is not to urinate until told to do so. He has Elliott shower and clean up so he will appear as a clean urinal. He puts the collar and leash on him and attaches the urine jug to the draina

how became gay male urinal

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How I Became A Gay Cock Slut

A few weeks ago, I attended a training conference in Hilton Head, S.C. The company I work for has multiple locations throughout the southeast and paid all the expenses to the four day program. They were willing to pay at least half of the accommodations or all of it if we were willing to share a room with another company employee. All other expenses, including meals, were paid for as well as a small daily expense account for entertainment.

I'm 28 and my wife and I just purchased o

how became gay cock slut

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How to Say "I Love You"

"Just kill me and get it over with," I thought as the pounding echoed again. I blinked a couple times, rousing myself awake enough to realize that the pounding was not in my head. I looked at the clock, thinking, "Who the fuck pounds on a man's door at one-thirty in the morning?"

I dragged my ass out of bed and shuffled down the hall toward the front door. Staggering, I hopped to my left as a sharp pain jolted up my leg. "Ow! Shit!" I hobbled to the couch, propping myself against

how say "i love you"

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How He Became A Gay Male Urinal Ch. 01

The Cast of Participants

Elliott -a submissive male in his 50's who is always exploring roles and trying to find one that he would fit into. He resides in Arizona and loves serving men. Is open to exploring new roles

Uncle Richard-- is a dominant male in his mid to late 60's and he resides in California. He has corresponded with Elliott for years as a mentor and advisor. He has Elliott address him as Uncle Richard as a show of respect and so Elliott will view him as

how became gay male urinal

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How You Seduced Me Ch. 01

I'm a bit nervous and shy. We each have a beer, and exchange small talk, while sitting at a kitchen table. When some of the shyness has worn off, you offer to rub my shoulders.

"OK," I say.

You move behind my chair and start to knead.

"Mmm," I say, "that sure feels good."

You start rubbing my neck, and then slip your hands down my shirt and onto my pecs, hard from working out at the gym.

"Unnh," I say. "Don't stop."

how you seduced

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How I Became a Cocksucker

I'm a married straight cocksucker. I say straight because I love sex with women and I don't have any other interest in guys aside from wanting to suck their cock. I've been an avid and enthusiastic cocksucker ever since the first time I blew my best friend Larry .

Larry and I were best friends since grade school and when we became teenagers, we began to experiment with our newfound sexuality. We started out masturbating together but gradually progressed from jerking off to giving

how became cocksucker

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How It All Started Ch. 01

"Did you rat us out?"


I felt a sharp sting on my butt-cheeks. Even though I was wearing my jeans still I felt as if I am naked. I am not good at lying especially before two of the greatest bullies from my class but what could I have said? 'Yes I did rat you out', not very likely. Jojen and Theon both stood around 6' and pretty muscular too, towering over my 5'8" and skinny frame. Theon kneed me behind my knees making me drop on the cold wooden floor right on

how all started

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