Six Hours in Singapore

This is the state I was in anyway, when I had to get on the plane to come home, not feeling too sad to be doing so, remembering all of this, the whole trip, but those moments of nakedness and sex, at the beach, in the house, the three of us naked and aroused, going to bed together, too tired to sleep, tangled up in each other, laying, sitting, rolling over, wobbling and shaking as one of us got up for water, to piss. I was looking forward to seeing Ilsa again, looking forward to climbing into be

six hours singapore

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Office Hours Ch. 01


Another day of Sexual Psychology 367 was drawing to an end as professor Summers was finishing his lecture notes and assigning the reading for the weekend. I couldn't help watch the bends in his country club slacks and the way the suit coat hugged his tight buttocks as he swayed at the podium. Professor Summers was in his early 50's, but was still as vibrant and energetic as a 25yo with a real passion for sexual psychology. His was the only class I never skipped.

office hours

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