Young/Old Hotel Room Fun

This is a true account of how I lost my anal virginity. It was one of my first gay experiences, and it happened just after I'd turned 18. More of my sexual adventures will be uploaded if this one is well recieved.

A few weeks after my first gay experience, with a guy my own age, I was horny and wanted more. Since I've always found older men to be a huge turn on, I decided to search the internet for some fun. Sure enough, one of the first ads I found on a local onlin

young/old hotel room fun

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Hotel - Room 707

I sighed with relief as I entered the hotel bar that Friday afternoon. It was Labor Day weekend, always an intensely busy period for a hotel on Clearwater Beach, on any Florida beach. Memorial Day and July 4th are also incredibly busy times as well but Labor Day weekend is total madness as hundreds of thousands of people seek to enjoy the last weekend of the summer before school. The big spring break craze falls into a completely separate category. Not only are there official hotel guests, thous

hotel room 707

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A Hotel Seduction Ch. 02

I woke up quietly to the soothing feeling of a soft back massage. Large strong fingers kneading my stiff shoulders and neck. The masseur must have felt me stir because the massaging slowed and I felt warm breath on my neck.

"Good morning, stud" was whispered in my ear.

Suddenly flashes of last night started rushing through my brain. A run-away river of images, feelings and tastes crashed into my consciousness. My mind was running so fast; I couldn't slow it enough t

hotel seduction

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Hotel - Room 617

I was playing around and cooling off in the surf from an intense pickup beach volleyball game. It was hot as hell and there seemed to be a thousand people on the beach and in the water. In the holiday spirit most people are nice and fun to be around so I enjoy the time I spend in the Gulf waters. I swim almost every day of the year in balmy Florida, even the colder days. Plus, I get a front row seat to some of the most gorgeous bodies in existence, all clad in bathing suits, both male and female

hotel room 617

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The Bathroom

I work for many different clients in quite a variety of venues all over north Texas. I had a weeks worth of work in the Dallas area at one of the local hotels. While there I noticed that one of the bathrooms on the lobby level had a huge closet like bathroom in it. It had a real door with slats in it for real privacy. There was also some music playing for ambience and to cover up any sounds (disgusting or otherwise) that might occur in a bathroom. It gave me pause for


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Hotel Bargain Ch. 02

I sat in the hotel dining room where other business men and women were starting their day over run-of-the-mill continental breakfast, USA Today, and mercifully low-volume CNN. Cell phone mumbling surrounded me. The coffee was good however, and I was well into my second cup, trying to clear my head of the alcohol and the bizarre event that had ended only a few hours ago. I felt conspicuous in the room, as if my humiliating escapade would somehow be common knowledge by now---surely, my morning sho

hotel bargain

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Anonymous Hotel Facefuck

It was 2 o'clock Sunday morning. I leaned against the Silver Bullet (the old Chevy Cavalier that I inherited from my grandmother) puking up cheeseburger, Rolling Rock, and the cum of the anonymous financial advisor from Phoenix I'd just blown at the Cherry Creek Marriott.

All I had wanted when I came home sweaty and horny from the gym, was a quick hookup to suck some cock, and maybe get laid - I'm 60/40 straight/gay bi, but when I go with doods, I'm a total bottom. Instead I ended

anonymous hotel facefuck

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Jim's Hotel Room

This is a contuniation from Jim's Police Ride, 18 Jim keeps finding new and exciting way to occupy his time!

Jim was taken aback by the men in the room. He didn't know what to make of it!

Corey walked in the room and said "Boys, this here is Jim. He's been having a few hard days." One of the men yelled out "I bet he has!"

Corey laughed, "But let me tell you this kid is sweet and innocent, I think he deserves to be taken care of

jim's hotel room

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A Hot Hotel Room

I was driving cross country on my way to a new job. It was the second week of August, and we were in the middle of a raging heat wave. I was somewhere in Indiana, and the thermometer in my car said it was 103 degrees outside. Luckily, I had a fairly new car and the a/c was in good working order. 

I was traveling pretty light. The moving truck bringing my things was a day or so behind me, so it was just me and the open road. I was making really good time, but being alone I could on

hot hotel room

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Hotel Threeway

It had been too long since I'd had a cock in my mouth so when my wife scheduled a girls' weekend, I decided that would be the perfect opportunity for me to get out and play. She planned to be away at the coast from Friday through Monday. When I got home from work on Friday, she had already left and I knew I could spend the entire weekend however I wanted.

I disregarded the frozen pizza she'd left for my dinner and instead took a nice relaxing shower and then poured myself a scotch

hotel threeway

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