Frank's Hot First Time Sex

I am just a lonely boy. High school sucks for me. Sure my grades are good, and I got into Yale, but I have no sex life. Just home and school life. I just turned 18, and I can technically have my own life.

And that's when I decided to go to my district community college campus. Pretending I'm a student and similar in age to most of them i look for a person to lose my virginity to. Is this a weird thing to think. Or to do? I don't care. I'm desperate. I see a cute girl walk by. "Hi!

frank's hot first time sex

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White Hot Beach

It was one of those sweltering summer days when it was almost too uncomfortable to be on the beach. The sun blasted down on my oiled bronze body with a hot white intensity and the air was void of any breeze. Even the natural vegetation of the area was bleached white by the unusually warm weather of the Oregon summer. The white sand reflected the light and heat. Behind my Ray Bans it was necessary to squint as I glanced across the desolate landscape.

Few men had braved the nude gay

white hot beach

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Hot Shower

"So you spent three weeks on horseback getting here? You must be literally both saddle sore and grimy, Graf Cederhielm. Well,we have a good remedy for both: a hot shower," beamed Colonel Riesenheim behind his large oak desk.

The colonel was rotund, surprisingly fat for a cavalry officer. I assumed he needed help to get in the saddle.

"You have a hot shower?" I asked, surprised. I had heard of them but never seen one, much less used one.

The colonel vi

hot shower

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Hot Times in a Cold Cabin

Jim and his wife, Bonnie invited my wife and me to their cabin for the weekend and we all were looking forward to getting away from the daily drudge for a while. Both the wives had to work Friday but we men were off, so the plan was for Jim and I to go up Friday and then Bonnie and Donna would come up together late Friday night.

I was stunned by the beauty that surrounded the cabin, nestled in a tree-filled glen high in the mountains and everything covered in snow. We quickly got

hot times cold cabin

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Neighbor's Hot Tub Ch. 02

"There, that was lovely," Marty whispered as he came up for air after swallowing my jizzm. I just lay there in Seth's grasp, panting from my first male cocksucking. "You have one of the nicest packages I've ever had," he went on to say.

I thought that Seth would let me go then, but he didn't. What he did do was drag me farther out of the hot tub, so that my butt was on the rim. I could barely reach the seat with my feet.

Marty rose up on his knees and said, "What I

neighbor's hot tub

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Hot College Threesome Ch. 03

Two weeks later coach announced that Brad and I would be co-captains. I was surprised, but relieved. It was the only fair thing to do though. Brad and I were showered with congrats by the rest of the team. We were only wearing Speedos (this was at the beginning of practice) and my cock twitched, as it always did when I saw Brad naked since that night.

Nothing much had happened since; we had traded a few kinky smiles in the showers, but otherwise we hadn't repeated anything, or eve

hot college threesome

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Neighbor's Hot Tub Ch. 01

My wife was off to see her mother, and for the first time since he'd gotten it, my neighbor, Marty, had invited me for an evening in the hot tub he had put in. His house backed onto my side yard, and he'd done a whole lot of nice renovation on his property since he had moved in. Marty was divorced and probably was in his early fifties, judging from his graying hair, but he had kept himself quite fit. He was a businessman, and I could tell he was doing well at that because of all of the money he 

neighbor's hot tub

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A Hot Night in Peru

Many years ago I worked for a British bank in Lima, Peru. I had an American girlfriend, Susan, who worked for a US airline. We were invited to a wedding in a small village, just outside the city. We drove there in Susie's beaten up old Buick and found the village without any problems. The party was great, the people were very friendly, and we had a great time, although we had a bit to drink and had been smoking pot. We took our leave of our hosts and started driving back into Lima, unfortunately

hot night peru

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Hot Jonathan

God, I thought. Why did you put someone so hot as Jonathan in my Chemistry class?

It had to be a cruel joke to put such a huge slab of muscle jock in front of the classroom. How could anyone be expected to pay attention? Really, I'm sure most of the girls (and some of the guys) were happy that Jonathan was presenting to the class on electron states. How often did anyone have an excuse to ogle one of the hottest rugby jocks on campus? It was a once and a lifetime chan

hot jonathan

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A Hot Hotel Room

I was driving cross country on my way to a new job. It was the second week of August, and we were in the middle of a raging heat wave. I was somewhere in Indiana, and the thermometer in my car said it was 103 degrees outside. Luckily, I had a fairly new car and the a/c was in good working order. 

I was traveling pretty light. The moving truck bringing my things was a day or so behind me, so it was just me and the open road. I was making really good time, but being alone I could on

hot hotel room

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