Talking Him Through

**Note- this was originally part of a novel I was writing, and there is a REASON why eighteen year old Antoine has never masturbated before: When he was very young, he witnessed the beating of a boy for being caught masturbating by the dormitory's deacon (Catholic school). The boy then had to tell his classmates what he did and was flogged again, naked before them. This left Antoine scarred through his adolescence and+ is why it is only now that he feels comfortable enough to indulge in his b

talking him through

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The Smell Of Him

(A true story.)

I encountered his profile online, a comparatively vanilla profile. He described himself as a latino top who smoked, occasionally drank, didn't talk much, loved leather-latex-rubber...and liked to piss and "give a hand" when needed. He claimed to be well hung (9"), which turned out to be completely true...and not in "internet inches". Frankly, I found him jaw-droppingly handsome.

I don't know why I wrote him; I got that funny little frisson up

the smell him

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Demands on Him Ch. 02

"Will, honey, will you make sure there's plenty of ice in the cooler?" Jenna called from the kitchen.

I checked my watch and saw that it was almost time for our guests to arrive. The New Year's Eve party had been Jenna's idea three years ago when we'd first moved in together, and it had evolved into a tradition. Jenna had spent the last two days cleaning and cooking in preparation for the party, and I had become her errand boy. I quickly checked the cooler of ice in the garage and

demands him

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To Her or To Him

When I was 22, I had a date with the most beautiful and amazing girl in town. Her name was Julie, she was 21 and she was a goddess. She stood approximately 5’11, just a few inches shorter than my 6’1 frame. Her never-ending legs tapered into shapely hips and a Brittany Spears tummy. Her breast swelled and filled her tops leaving little to the imagination. To top off her awesome body was the face that made heads turn and got stares from both men and women alike. Her green eyes shone like emeralds

her him

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Loving Him Ch. 03

I left the bar early in the morning, staggering slightly as my head swam. I kept walking, trying to erase the image of Max below me, naked, his hard rod in my throat and his cum in my mouth. I tried to forget the taste of him, the electricity of his touch. I couldn't go back to the apartment now. I couldn't face him. I had a moment of weakness and had succumbed to my animal instincts, letting my desire control me. I didn't know where to go and I didn't want to go anywhere. I sat down against the

loving him

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His rage was seductive. The way he looked at me scared me but still it drove me wild. He was going to force me to do it weather I wanted it or not. I went in for a kiss. It was a mistake. He looked so angry, but he grabbed the rim of my shirt and pulled me into him. I knew he wanted me as bad as I wanted him but he wasn't going to admit it. He shaved off all of his hair the day before. I knew something was up but he would tell me anything. By the time I grasped what was happening I woke up in th


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Sharing Him

All rights reserved -- this story is a work of fiction and remains the property of the writer.


They carried on their conversation as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on. As if she wasn't sitting on a chair, shirt undone, with her face inches from a semi-erect penis. As if there wasn't a nude man standing in our living room, his manhood beginning to swell. I saw her glance at his crotch a few times as they spoke, and I knew that although we were all

sharing him

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