Can't Hide the Truth Anymore Ch. 03

Thanks for all the wonderful comments! I have enjoyed bringing Gage and Devin to life and hope you enjoy the next chapters. This one is shorter, but the next chapter is coming very quickly after. 


Gage's POV

The next week was a blur of activity for Devin and me. It was basketball season and between the practices, the workouts, the extra workouts with Jack and getting ready for the first game, we barely saw each other.

can't hide the truth anymore

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Hide and Seek Ch. 03

So here it is... FINALLY. Whew. I'm sorry for taking so long, but I was really busy. Well. Now I've got summer holidays, so I'm off to work on the next part ;D oh yeah: this time it's Jake's POV. Hope you like it!


One week. One whole week. And I still can't stop thinking about a GUY. Urgh. I guess I'm really smitten. Pisses me off.

Gabe. That was all I got. A name that was most definitely fake, pl

hide and seek

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Hide and Seek

Hello everyone...this is my first story and well I hope you like it. As information: I was inspired by yaoi (boy x boy) manga, but only in the aspect of the "host club". It is a club where people can either just pay to be entertained and charmed by the gorgeous people working there, or, in some at least, can 'rent' the hosts for the night. I'm actually German but I like the English language better. I hope there aren't too many mistakes.


hide and seek

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