What Sammy Saw on Her Cam

"Pull your cock for me. Slowly!" Sammy intoned, lazily, as she ploughed into her own cunt with an eight-inch cock-shaped vibrator that was very like the one attached to the man on the other side of the screen.

She started when the bedroom burst open suddenly, "Hey, Cooper, I was thinking that..."


"Oh my god! I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! Sorry!"

Sammy could not believe what was happening before her eyes! Her favourite playmate on

what sammy saw her cam

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Advancing Her Career

She was in a 'mood' when we got home from the party.

Earlier in the car as she drove us home, she had asked: "What kind of man are you? What kind of man would embarrass his wife like that in front of her boss and co-workers? One glass of champagne goes to your head?...INCREDIBLE!"

We rode the rest of the way in silence.

My head was spinning. Not from 'one glass of champagne' but because I didn't think I had said anything wrong. During the party, she f

advancing her career

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Cougar and her Five Virginal Cubs Ch. 14

Chapter Fourteen - When it cums to gay sex, boys will be boys 

I was about to yell out and call for reinforcements but, for some reason I just turned my head instead and looked in the living room. Ready to call in the reserves for them to get in there and give Kathleen a good fuck, while hoping that between the five of us we could make her climax, I was looking for Joey and Stephen to come help When I turned my head to look for them and to see where they were and

cougar and her five virginal cubs

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To Her or To Him

When I was 22, I had a date with the most beautiful and amazing girl in town. Her name was Julie, she was 21 and she was a goddess. She stood approximately 5’11, just a few inches shorter than my 6’1 frame. Her never-ending legs tapered into shapely hips and a Brittany Spears tummy. Her breast swelled and filled her tops leaving little to the imagination. To top off her awesome body was the face that made heads turn and got stares from both men and women alike. Her green eyes shone like emeralds

her him

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Her Brother Ch. 02

I woke up slowly and squinted at the digital clock next to my bed: 7:48. Why was I awake so early on a Saturday?

I almost groaned with annoyance, ready to press my pillow over my face, but an abrupt jolt shot through me as the memory of yesterday flooded my brain.


I sat up very quickly, pillow tumbling aside, and looked around. I was alone in the bed I'd shared with Lisette up until last night, when her little brother had thoroughly usurped he

her brother

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Her Brother Ch. 01

My girlfriend had the sexiest mouth. Nice smooth lips, natural deep pink, full and soft with an impish little smirk lingering perpetually at the edges even when her expression was neutral.

She also had gorgeous eyes - warm hazel with little flecks of green and gold. I thought I could die for those eyes.

I was sure there was no butt in the world cuter than hers - round, perky, perfectly grabbable. When she wore something snug, I had a hard time tearing my eyes off of

her brother

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Sucking Her Dick at the Theatre

A Hot Gay Quickie at Thee Playhouse Theater in Tampa

I left home headed to Tampa and the only thing on my mind was getting a blow job. It had been way too long and I needed some relief tonight!

I had been to Thee Playhouse before so I knew that it was a hot, sweaty, sex filled place to go if you wanted to be certain of getting your cock sucked. This was definitely the place I needed to be tonight. No games, no pretense, just quick, hot, nasty sex!<

sucking her dick the theatre

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Her Handsome Prisoners

Even before the knock on the front door, twenty-three-year-old Sophie could already sense who had paid her a visit at the moment. She opened the door, and her uncle and aunt appeared. The two of them wore their usual lavish attire, Aunt Martina with her black sleeveless dress and Uncle Joaquin with his casual black coat and tie. Sophie spotted the silver-colored vase, sealed shut with its own lid, that Uncle Joaquin held in his hands. 

Sophie gave a little smile. "I hope they didn

her handsome prisoners

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