Heaven and Hell Ch. 04

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Sorry I've been MIA. Its getting near the end of the semester and needless to say its been a while since I've had time to write. For those of you waiting for the next installment of College Days, expect it around Christmas.

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Hektor woke feeling sore and heavy. Alarm rushed through him, all too familiar, at finding himself alone in his bed

heaven and hell

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Heaven and Hell Ch. 02

The next morning, Hektor decided it would be best to give Gir his space. He had to be careful now. He'd already made a huge mistake and he couldn't afford to mess things up any more.

Hektor called on an elderly servant named Moka. He rarely asked her to do things and she was nearly useless, but he kept her around because he was sort of fond of her. She was more than happy to take care of Gir and Hektor trusted her.

"Moka, I need you to take care of him. Make sure he

heaven and hell

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