A Wandering Hand in the Night

**at all relevant times all parties involved were 18 or older**

This is a true story, written to the best of my recollection.


So my first time with a guy happened around 10 years ago. At that time, my friends (who were all about the same age) and I were into a specific kind of music. One of my friends started bringing this other guy around, we will call him "Nate." It was kind of odd because "Nate" was several years older, and didn't seem

wandering hand the night

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A Helping Hand

I woke up by Jay shaking me awake. He always did that, the jerk… It wasn’t because I made weird noises or because he needed something. He just wanted me to wake up at a certain hour every freakin’ morning and I could never understand why.

“Get up man! It’s almost 8.30! Shower time!”

I growled and heaved myself out of bed. Ever since the fire in Jay’s apartment, I let him stay at my pad. Unfortunately, I live in a one roomer with only a really small kitchen and I don

helping hand

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