If I Had the Balls

To preface: I am straight; not kinda straight, not bi-curious, not attracted to the male physique in even the slightest - I am straight. I have a wonderful, beautiful girlfriend who satiates my every sexual craving; however, I have fantasized for many years lately about being dominated by a man. Being a Marine infantryman and a combat veteran, having worked in law enforcement and as a government contractor, I have always held a very dominant mentality which can grow old and stale; at times, I wa

had the balls

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We Had Got Drunk Together

We had got drunk together numerous times, as part of a group, and just us I suppose, once or twice, he'd crashed at mine as well, a few times, came back for some chilli, a floor space. He was sort of funny, a little older than me, smart, he lived miles away. Once we were at mine, a room in a shared house, we were sitting on my bed, and he started to stroke my back, sort of, affectionately, drunkenly, just stroking the backs of his fingers up and down, I let him, not to make a scene, it didn't bo

had got drunk together

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So, You Had a Bad Day

Come here, unbutton my shirt and run your hand down my belly and below my waistband. Feel that? It's all for you. Let it free; let it breath. There, ahhhh. Your warm hand feels so good wrapped around my cock. Feel it growing, getting longer and thicker? That's for you. That's because I love the way you look. What great shape you're in; the way you take care of your body; the movement of your body as you approach me. How you look at me when I enter the room. Ah, yes, I love the feel of your lips 

you had bad day

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