Giving Guys a "Good" Massage

Guys never admit they need assistance. Just take male drivers that get lost - how often do they admit they need directions? It never happens. And this is what is so great with guys - you can fuck them in semi-public, and they will rarely, if ever, shout for help! Ever straight guys - or as a matter of fact - ESPECIALLY straight guys. Which I have done repeatedly, and will continue doing as long as it gets me off pounding my chocolate colored-dick into muscular, white, asses. 

I wa

giving guys "good" massage

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Guys like Tom

I picked up Tom hauling a load to Swansea. I work for a truck haulage company and like the buzz of driving on the highway. It has its perks too - like giving hitchhikers a free ride.

I never reckoned on Tom though. I have enjoyed a couple of girls of late who were more than willing to give me something in return for a free trip, and we had some really great sessions in my little sleep and brush up facility , in built for long distance drivers.

Mt experience is how e

guys like tom

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Guys Weekend

There's nothing quite like an unexpected opportunity. Such an opportunity just came up for me a couple of months ago on a camping trip with some of my boys. My name's Mike and I'm pretty much your average American twenty-something. I got a decent job and house, a great girlfriend and awesome friends. I'm a decent enough looking guy, never any trouble in the "getting girls" department for me.

In any event, it was time for the guys annual weekend camping trip to Maine. Each summer s

guys weekend

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Two Married Guys

My heart was pounding as I dialed the number to Don's house. Liz had taken the kids to her sister's for the weekend; I was home alone and figured it was now or never. 

"Hello?" Susan answered the phone.

"Hi Sue, Mike here. Is Don home?"

"Hi Don. Sure, just a minute. Oh, buy the way, I know Liz took the kids to her sister's for the weekend, so I you want to come over for dinner tonight, we'd love to have you."

"Thanks, that would be grea

two married guys

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