Great Night at the Adult Theater

I have been bisexual for most of my adult life. I don't fight it anymore... I enjoy it. 

My work takes me out of town on a somewhat regular basis and I take advantage of the anonymity of big cities to engage in my second passion -- cock. (My first passion is pussy.)

Not long ago I was in Philadelphia on business and in the evening found my to an adult theater in downtown Philly. I had never been to this particular place before, and I was excited and a little bit ner

great night the adult theater

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The Great Sword

965 A.D. -- Somewhere in Wessex

Translated from Old English into the Vernacular

The Great Lord drew his sword and drove it quivering into the earth. Even partially sunken into the soil of the forest clearing, the knob of the sword's handle, which appeared to be pure silver, rose nearly to my armpit. I'd never seen anything like it. It was a weapon only the richest of men, one of the Lords of the Realm, could possess and wield.

Reaching inside his oute

the great sword

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