I Got Myself a Cum Slut Pt. 03

This is the 3rd part in a short story series and thanks to help from shygirlwhore with editing.


After Paul left, I got myself a beer and went back to my shower, as I stood under the water drinking my beer I thought about Paul and my plans for him.

I was amazed at how easily I had taken to this new situation and how much I enjoyed controlling another man and getting my cock sucked by him.

My wife was away for the next 2 week

got myself cum slut

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We Had Got Drunk Together

We had got drunk together numerous times, as part of a group, and just us I suppose, once or twice, he'd crashed at mine as well, a few times, came back for some chilli, a floor space. He was sort of funny, a little older than me, smart, he lived miles away. Once we were at mine, a room in a shared house, we were sitting on my bed, and he started to stroke my back, sort of, affectionately, drunkenly, just stroking the backs of his fingers up and down, I let him, not to make a scene, it didn't bo

had got drunk together

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His Fault His Ass Got Fucked

I work in a store, and when this happened, I was the Night Shift Manager. 

My crew and I would come in at about 10pm to get the groceries stocked for the next day. We also had a guy come in at that time to clean and buff the floors.

This is not an unusual situation, but our floor cleaner, "A" was a bit of an unusual guy.

For sure, he cleaned two big stores a day so he was working 16 hour shifts..he always seemed just a little dirty, his fingernails we

his fault his ass got fucked

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