The Good Life Ch. 02

Thank you to everyone who left comments on The Good Life Ch. 01, your encouragement really made all the difference. I hope you enjoy the finale. 

Days turned to weeks, and I didn't hear from Evan. After I found out what Jason had done to him I realized just how bad I had hurt him, how I had ignored the walls he put up and just pushed right along like an animal in rut. The situation was so fucked up I couldn't see any possible way to fix it. From my end it was almost poetic.

the good life

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Good Boy

Editor's Note: story contains incest content.


Gordon Proctor had been watching the breathing of the lump beside him in the bed for almost an hour, and after sleep finally overtook his wife of 31 years he gently lifted the sheet a bit so he could slide out of the bed without disturbing her.

A look back as he reached the door just to confirm that Eloise Proctor was still in dreamland, and then Gordon turned the knob slowly. The door swung ope

good boy

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

I couldn't sleep one night. It was about four A.M. So I went into the living room to watch a little porn. I was hoping to jerk off and go back to sleep. However right as I was getting good and hard watching a really nice video of two young guys jerking each other off. I heard voices in front of my house. I got scared and put away my cock in my boxer briefs and slipped on a T-shirt. 

I heard a knock at the door and a man with a heavy African accent say, "Someone please can you help

good deed goes unpunished

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The Good Friend Ch. 02

It had been 6 months since I last saw Sam. Just after paying my debt to help him quit smoking, things as one might imagine got pretty weird between the two of us. Now that he had made me not much more than a notch on his bedpost, and said some things to me with his jizz on my face while I was dressed in his ex-girlfriend's clothes that obviously made it uncomfortable for us to spend much time around each other. 

We decided it was in everyone's best interest if I moved out and he t

the good friend

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A Good Neighbor Ch. 03

The next day I went over to his place and knocked on the door. After a few seconds, I heard, "It's unlocked!" coming from inside. Going in, I followed what sounded like speakers playing and went into the living room where I saw Tony easing back in his recliner. 

He was naked, watching something on a huge flat screen TV. Walking closer, I saw it was porn featuring two younger men touching against each other. He noticed my entrance and, ignoring the moans in the background, offered

good neighbor

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Hey, Good Buddy

The two had fought each other to exhaustion, each one trying to master the other, until finally they rolled away from each other in the bed of ferns. Joe was the first one to laugh.

"Yeah, but who woulda' known?" Al muttered. "You're such a cute little guy, and you've been eyeing me. I know you have."

"That's because you're such a big hunk—a real bear," Joe answered. "I can admire good muscle definition as well as the next guy." They were both laying on their backs,

good buddy

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A Good Servant Ch. 15

Author's note: Warning - minor character's death.


"Are you sure you don't want to stay?" Dion spoke, watching Andreas as the blond stood there, with his hand on the door knob.

"Yes, I'm sure," Andreas nodded. "For what is worth, though, Dion, thank you. You're really a swell guy. Who knows? Maybe back in Drena, we could have been friends."

"We're friends now," Dion offered and was rewarded with a small smile.

good servant

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A Good Servant Ch. 14

The last thing he wanted was to draw the others' attention. He was glad he had been given a larger helmet, so his forehead and half his eyes were shadowed from view. He pulled the collar of the coarse miner's uniform he was wearing a bit higher, to hide his face. His worries, however, had proved in vain so far. The hard work in the mines was leaving little time to workers to chat up others, or even look around.

He knew from Lucas that someone was going to wait outside for him ever

good servant

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A Good Servant Ch. 02

Finding his way around the house was not difficult at all. The setup was intuitive and everything was in order, that Cory felt his daily chores would not be too much of a burden. Except, of course, Cory blushed, taking care of the master's needs. He felt strange, but liberated. Humming cheerfully, he filled the huge in-ground bathtub, and used a few scented powders from the nicely arranged recipients. Feeling the stickiness between his butt cheeks, he grimaced a little. He would need a bath, too

good servant

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