Gone Fishing

As I walked through the woods with my best friend Jason and his father, I tried to count how many times we had walked this same route to the same spot at Long Lake. It had to be close to a couple of dozen times, having gone at least a couple times a year since I was 9, and that's been ten years.

One of these times would eventually be the last, because we were starting to go our separate ways, Jason and I. It was more of a natural thing, with Jason now starting his second year in c

gone fishing

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James Ch. 01: A Tindr Night Gone Wrong

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Story about a young man who is forced by another. I would warn you about it, but then, that's why you came here to read it you naughty boy...


This whole thing started when I broke up with my girlfriend. At the time, she had said I wasn't there sexually and emotionally for her needs, and that she needed space... whatever that means. We had been together for

james tindr night gone wrong

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