Romeo, Where Art Thou Going in Life?

Romeo had just turned 18 years old and he was still struggling with his sexuality. He was a very pretty boy who looked more like a girl than a young man. Because of his physical attributes many of his classmates assumed he was gay. As such girls were not attracted to him and many of the boys mocked him. Romeo was striking in his own way with dark curly hair and deep brown eyes. He stood at 5'6" tall and weighed 140 pounds. His skin was olive tan and he had a shapely body for a young man. His ass

where art thou going life?

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Confessions of a Straight Going Gay

This memoir has been on my mind for a long, long time. I think it may be a common story. I’m always reading these days about bi curious guys. There’s a chat room I visit where the guys talk about how they would like to try sucking dick. Some may never try, and just get off talking about it, but many are genuinely curious about the fantasy they have in their head. And I remember the days long ago when even the straight porn then talked about horny straight guys innocently or accidentally trying h

confessions straight going gay

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Going Down in New Orleans

I awoke from a dream in the early morning. My eyes were still closed as I drifted in that dream state between consciousness and unconsciousness. My naked body was pressed against my sexy wife's bare skin and my cock was at full attention. My head hurt and my mouth was dry. I fought to retrieve the memories of the drunken night before and as I did I realized that we were not alone. That realization brought everything into focus. 

My wife Janice and I were in New Orleans for a long

going down new orleans

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