A Birthday Gift for Jim

"Johnny," Sue whispered in my ear, "you want to come and party with us at our house?"

Her hand was rubbing my thigh through my jeans, and occasionally brushed over my hard cock. She giggled when she felt my erection.

My face flushed from the alcohol and excitement. I answered her, "Ah, well...yeah, sure!"

The bartender had just announced 'last call' when Sue asked me. I'd met her and her husband Jim a couple hours earlier, and we hit it off immediate

birthday gift for jim

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Young Man's Gift

"Auburn and curly, you say?"

"Yes," I answer after a moment, after the directness and shock had dissipated, both embarrassed and being turned on—but trying just to convey the embarrassed part. I'd played tennis with our new, young neighbor, and, the day being hot and wanting to be friendly to the new guy on the block, I'd readily agreed to go home with him to his cliffside house on the ridge above our house and to take a swim in his pool.

"Yes, auburn. Most of us gr

young man's gift

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Kurt's Real Birthday Gift

When I answered the phone on December 1st it was my friend Dave asking "Hey, Kurt, don't you have a birthday coming up soon?"

"I sure do Dave. I'll be 24 just a week before Christmas."

"Well Kurt, the reason I'm calling is that I've got a birthday treat in mind for you."

"Oh yeah? -- What are you thinking?"

"Well, my remodeling business is going real well right now," Dave said. "Some good clients who are paying me some good money. Howev

kurt's real birthday gift

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Initiation: Initiation Gift

I decided on the couple who had brought me into this club. I walked up to them, smiled and asked, "How about it guys, care for some fun?" They both smiled and the one who originally found me, Alex his name turned out to be, said, "I knew you needed another round with us." With that we were off to their private room, and what a room it was. More like a suite. I was still naked and Alex enjoyed another long look at my body.

His partner, Ken, had at this point begun stripping for our

initiation gift

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The Gift of Commitment

Once upon a sexy simple Christmas, two men were sharing a hot cup of tea and a plate of fresh pancakes at a local diner. 

"So, my place or yours?" Griffin asked with a wide smirk on his face.

"Is your home completely empty?" Chase asked. "I really don't feel like pretending to be some kind of worker or whatever just to pass your wife or, even worse, your kids."

They were a couple. Griffin had been gay all his life but instead of admitting his lifest

the gift commitment

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Marlee's Christmas Gift

I took one last look at the antique broach, closed the lid of the velvet box, got up from the desk, slipped the box into the jacket pocket of the clothes I'd laid out on the chair next to my studio couch, and came back to the desk. I'd left the drawer open. I took out the worn stack of postcard-size photographs I kept in the drawer and started shuffling through them, looking for inspiration.

I had pulled out all of the stops on the broach I was giving Marlee for Christmas. We'd me

marlee's christmas gift

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