Caribbean Cruise Ch. 02: Chet Gets Laid

At first Chet thought the older man staring at him from across the bar at the top of the cruise ship was Jamaican. The man engaged his attention because he had the most compelling light-gray eyes, which went really well with his silver-gray hair and the black suit with black silky shirt and black tie with a hash pattern of silver strands. But the thought that the man was black was partially because the man had been in the shadows. When he came over and sat next to Chet, the college student could

caribbean cruise chet gets laid

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Blake Gets Banged

An 18-year-old public schoolboy gets banged by the servant.

Joining the Upper Sixth Form at St Latimer College was challenge enough. Joining in mid-February was a disaster. With A-Levels less than three months away, and revision around the corner, Blake wanted an 18th birthday celebration to remember.

Blake lowered himself and sighed as the rubber cock teased around his fuck hole. It was tough making friends at a new school - especially when everyone would be

blake gets banged

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My Peeking Roommate Gets Curious

I had been living with my roommate for just a short time when I began to fantasize about him. We had met in college, worked together, and slept with many college girls during our party days. He was athletic, built and hung. We had been working out together and came back for a shower. I went first and while I was in there I heard the door handle turn. I mentioned that if he needed to use the toilet he was welcome to even tho I was in there.

Neither one of us was gay even tho I had

peeking roommate gets curious

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The House Sitter Gets Caught

Disclaimer: The following contains explicit scenes of male sex and a variety of consensual activities. This story may not be copied or posted to any other websites without explicit permission from the author. 

All characters depicted are above 18 years of age. If any of this content is offensive to you or illegal to access in your geography, please do not proceed. The characters are entirely fictitious and are not based on anyone who has or is still living. I've never met peopl

the house sitter gets caught

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