Big Game Hunter

Sombat heard the garage door opener start to hum and he sat straight up in the chaise lounge by the pool. "He's home early. Where to today?"

He jumped up from the lounger and lit out toward the kitchen door, padding along on bare feet. Ham might go to the kitchen first. There was little reason he'd go into the study before going upstairs, though. Sombat scooted into the study as he heard the key turn in the lock of the door to the garage from the kitchen. He ducked under the desk.

big game hunter

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After the Game

It's after the game and after he's showered. I've turned in the stats for the official record and the team has showered and bustled off in shouts of bravado and victory to the favorite "we've won" watering hole. It's just him, staying behind now. Waiting for me. Knowing that I'd be there. Having told me that I'd be there.

I've asked him to put on the tight pants again—but just them. No padding or cup. And I stop him from lacing up the crotch. The silky material is so tight over hi

after the game

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Just a Game Ch. 01

It was a game at first--a stupid game they played to humiliate and gross each other out, and then it evolved into a sort of competition. It became a game of Chicken, and in the end, they both won.

Pete had known Dean for a while, but they weren't exactly friends before they became roommates. Dean was a friend-of-a-friend he saw regularly because they all used to play Magic: The Gathering on a regular basis. Pete's buddy Tony was the hub of the group, and games had happened on aver

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Just a Game Ch. 04

His dalliance with his roommate had been a major distraction for him for the first several weeks of their co-habitation, but Pete had finally secured a job. He was working five, and sometimes six days a week as a maintenance millwright at a manufacturing plant. The work was hot, sweaty, cramped, noisy, chaotic, and physically demanding. Often he had to work overtime, and his colleagues were generally repellent people to be around, but the pay was fantastic, and he was well on his way to being in

just game

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Game Boy Ch. 01

At first I thought he must be selling something. He looked clean-cut and respectable, with a smart bomber jacket over his crisp white shirt and wearing a pair of black trousers and trendy geek-chic specs. 

He stopped me as I was walking out of the HMV shop in Birmingham city centre, opening with a refreshingly polite 'excuse me sir' and throwing me his best attempt at a cute-boy smile when I gave him my attention.

As he babbled on it took me a minute or so to figure

game boy

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Just a Game Ch. 02

Pete woke up alone, and the apartment smelled amazing--something delicious was cooking. He tottered unsteadily to his feet and looked down at himself. He was wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a furious hard-on. He pulled on a clean pair of boxers, stuffing himself awkwardly into the fabric tent before trudging to the kitchen. Dean was standing at the stove naked but for his glasses, cooking pancakes and bacon.

"Morning, Sunshine," Dean said when he noticed his roommate in the door

just game

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Game Night

Kelly lay back against the couch, weak with laughter as he watched Jason's victory dance around the room, accompanied by fist pumps and a tipsy version of "We Are The Champions." Even three sheets to the wind, Jason's voice still caused goosebumps to rise along Kelly's arms, and he shivered as the last rich notes died out. 

"Geaux Saints!" Jason crowed, just as a pillow smacked into his face, causing him to stagger and splutter, and he glared around the room, looking for the offen

game night

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Just a Game Ch. 03

Pete paced around the apartment for most of Sunday afternoon, unable to turn his mind to anything other than his roommate's imminent return. He was keyed up, nervous, and horny as hell, like a teenager planning on losing his virginity at prom. His manic movements occasionally agitated Dean's cats, and several times he tripped over one of them. He finally filled their bowl with kibble to get them out of his way, and resumed pacing.

The notification of an incoming text message made

just game

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This is a relatively short story about how i would always like to play Fifa with my friends. This boy is extremely lucky. 

I know the last scene is quite choking, but it is so hot to completely lose control like Mattie did.

Gay sex is inside, so all haters stay away.

Constructive criticism and positive comments are open-heartedly accepted.

Ps: all characters are 18 years old and older.


My fr

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