Backyard Fun with Brendan

I'm not sure exactly why my friend Bree first introduced me to her younger brother Brendan over drinks that fateful January two years ago. She probably thought he had a bit in common with me. Brendan was definitely a geek; he loved computers and Dungeons & Dragons. He could also geek out with me about beer; we loved drinking it, and we loved brewing our own! He seemed socially-awkward and not terribly outgoing. I doubt he'd been with a woman in his life.

Brendan was studying his w

backyard fun with brendan

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Just for Fun Ch. 01

Jeff was the class clown, never ashamed to disrupt order, never afraid to blurt his thoughts louder and more clearly than the "authority" figures dared.

His bravado annoyed me only slightly less than his drive to make sure that all of the other students could hear his daily assaults on the broke and broken public education system masquerading as "Authority."

The multi-colored pajama pants that he wore instead of jeans or slacks annoyed me.

His anti-lo

just for fun

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More Fun with Chris

A couple of weeks after the camping trip with my friends, the next interesting sexual thing happened. It just happened by random chance, and I couldn't have planned it the way it evolved if I had tried. 

It actually started the day before, on Thursday. My friend Billy called and told me to come over on Friday, the next day, as soon as I got off work because he had wanted a few of us to shoot some hoops and then maybe later go to a city park, which was one of our hangout spots. So

more fun with chris

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Fun and Games Ch. 01

In my younger years I was introduced to a sexual lifestyle that is interesting, fun, exciting, and satisfying. I am a straight man that enjoys having sex with other men. That sounds like an obvious contradiction, so allow me to explain.

In any relationship between two people, there is a physical and an emotional component on sliding scales. One could think of these in quantifiable terms forming a grid of sorts.

At the upper right corner, we have two people in love t

fun and games

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Young/Old Hotel Room Fun

This is a true account of how I lost my anal virginity. It was one of my first gay experiences, and it happened just after I'd turned 18. More of my sexual adventures will be uploaded if this one is well recieved.

A few weeks after my first gay experience, with a guy my own age, I was horny and wanted more. Since I've always found older men to be a huge turn on, I decided to search the internet for some fun. Sure enough, one of the first ads I found on a local onlin

young/old hotel room fun

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Jason and Me Up For Some Fun

Jason and me up for some fun.

When this guy came up to me and asked for a light, I just knew that was just an excuse to chat me up.

I replied that I do not smoke, that I gave it up years ago.

"So did I, it is a disgusting habit huh?"

"Then why did you ask me for a light"

"Because it was the first thing that came into my head, can I buy you a drink then?"

"I don't drink."

"You Don't smoke, yo

jason and for some fun

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Fun and Games Ch. 02

The next day was odd as I reflected on what had happened, but I was so excited that I couldn't resist calling Tim. I came up with some excuse to stop over in the middle of the week to watch a game, but we both knew that wasn't why I was going to be there.

After some polite conversation I just blurted out, "I'm ready Tim". He of course knew exactly what I meant. We got undressed and were in the bedroom in a minute or so. I got down on my knees by the bed and he scooted over to allo

fun and games

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Gloryhole Fun

I love going to the adult bookstore in Birmingham, Alabama to visit the glory holes! Just last week I went and paid to put some credits on my card and walked into the booth area to see only two guys hanging around. I immediately went into my favorite booth and started the video and was pleased when I heard the door open in the booth next door. As I was selecting my movie the guy next to me unzipped his pants and pulled out his semi erect dick and started stroking it. 

As I bent ov

gloryhole fun

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Fun in the Sun

It was Monday the 5th of July. I was just passing the Shell station when I called him. He said he'd be there when I got there. I got scared, and thought about turning around, but realized that it would be the end. I wouldn't be able to call him again if I did. I kept going. He wasn't there when I arrived. 

I parked carefully, as I had the wife's car. I waited by the picnic tables, and 2 minutes later, he appeared. I got in via the back, and finally folded myself into the front sea

fun the sun

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Gym Shower Fun

I loved my shower time after my work out at my gym. Every other night at 9 pm I would be down with my work out and striping down at my locker ready to hit the showers. I kept my schedule that way for one particular reason. Every time I hit the gym at that time there would be a 50 some year old man that was showering with his curtain wide open. 

Being a bit of an exhibitionist, I would hold my towel and walk naked to the showers. This caught the older gentleman's attention. I was 1

gym shower fun

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