That Full Feeling

Forget what the net says. I've "experimented" on myself for years. As I learned pleasure and pain, I began to combine the two into a naughty bliss. 

When I found out that I can take a 22" dildo all the way up my ass, my self-pleasure took off!!! It only took 10 years but I finally did it. Sounds crazy? Try it! Once I got past the sticking point, it just slid in...amazing. The excitement, the drama drove me crazy. what do I do about this new craze? Something I always imagi

that full feeling

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Ass Paid in Full

Anthony peered over at DeQuan from the corner of his eyes. Watching the nigga bop his head to the heavy beats booming from the speakers and whip the Caddy like shit was gravy made Anthony's blood boil. He clenched his teeth and shifted his eyes back to the road to squelch any visible sign that he was angry. Anthony fought the urge to reach over and beat DeQuan's ass right then and there.

DeQuan and Anthony had been boys since ninth grade when they played on the high school basketb

ass paid full

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