Bitter Fruit

Ebisu Hoseida, owner of all of the cotton mills within sight of Musashino Mountain, sighed as he wiggled his hips into the pillows and held his young consort's silken black-haired head in his lap. Toshiro was working vigorously on trying to bring Ebisu's cock alive, but it was slow going.

Ebisu cursed his luck. Forty years building his fortune and begetting sons off of the ugly but fruitful and wealthy Akiko, and now, when he had entered the reward-enjoyment phase of his life, the

bitter fruit

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The Fruit Flies Ch. 01

My name is Tina Armstrong and I am the hottest woman in the world.

Standing at five foot nine, I am a blonde with dark blue eyes, tan skin, and breast that made a gay man straight.

Actually, my beauty really did cause a gay man to go straight (he's bisexual actually).

It all started at a gay club where I go to when I wanted to just dance. I was wearing a stunning outfit that made me the center of Southbeach. As I entered the club, I ordered a drink an

the fruit flies

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