Roommate From Hell Ch. 02

I showered first in the morning. After I dried myself I picked up the books to do some work and I heard Jon go to the bathroom. I got a hardon just listening to him use the shower, imagining his hot, ripped body under the water. I tried to put this out of my head. But the way he made me arch my back on the couch, took control, and fucked me in the ass the night before all flashed through my mind and I almost came without touching myself. What the hell was wrong with me?

I thought

roommate from hell

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Disclaimer: This story is an account of male/male anal intercourse.

"I've had enough," I say when he reaches over, offering to top off my wine glass once again. The dark red bitter Merlot has me warm, but hasn't gone to my head – or so I think. With a sexy grin he nods and says, "Ok, if you say so." I let him take the glass from my hand, finish it off in one swallow and set it down next to his empty glass on the table. He's playful and relaxed, but I wouldn't say drunk; he

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From Voyeur to Fantasy to Action


Alan woke up in his bed after dozing off for several minutes. He rolled to his side and spotted the naked body lying next to him. He studied the well toned and tanned effeminate body along side him and his eyes traveled down to the curvy hot ass. Alan noticed dried semen on the shapely buttocks and between the cheeks of Michelle's sexy ass. As Alan studied his pretty companion his cock stirred and soon became erect again. Normally at his age Alan was good for one ejaculati

from voyeur fantasy action

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From a Finger to Fucking Ch. 03

After spending a few hours downstairs, watching TV with mum, I told her I wasn’t feeling to good and went up to bed. Quickly stripping and getting the toys out I decided to try a different position and got on my hands and knees. Looking at both the anal probes I decided to be brave and put the smallest one back down.

I held the five inch one in my hand, inserted the batteries and turned it on. It vibrated more than I thought it would but, after lubing both that and my ass, I reach

from finger fucking

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From a Jack to a Queen Ch. 01

"Open my pants and take out my cock!"

It never failed. My hard-on always twitched and throbbed whenever I said those words to a new boy.

What was even more exciting was the feel of their trembling and eager hands as they fumbled with my slacks and boxers trying desperately to free my erection to please me.

When his fingers finally encircled my stiff shaft and began stroking it I sat back in the seat and relaxed.

"Take it in your mouth

from jack queen

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From a Finger to Fucking Ch. 05

We all went into the front room and Helen took the role of hostess, guiding us to where she wanted us to sit, and getting everybody a drink. She had put Marie and me on the sofa, while Terry and her sat in the armchairs opposite.

"Terry get the fucking music on." Marie said, taking a massive swallow from her glass.

"Calm down Marie." Helen said. "You'll be pissed before much longer.

Terry and Helen burst out laughing as Marie gave her the middle finge

from finger fucking

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From a Jack to a Queen Ch. 02

I lie in bed, eyes wide open, staring into the darkness; my mind a whirling kaleidoscope of images and colors. Mainly one image and one sensation: Fred's smile and the feel of his cock in my hand.

I had no doubt he was a 'special someone' but was he destined to be that 'someone' for me?

When he had used the exact same phrases I used and I blindly obeyed him up until his final command it was like I belonged to him. It felt natural to do his bidding. It thrilled me at

from jack queen

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From Straight Virgin to Gay Bitch

I was 18 when I lost my cherry. Not in the normal way, not in the boy meets girl kind of way. That didn't happen until I was 22, and was a total let down compared to my real first. His name was Scott, he was tall, dark and had a tight firm body. My first girl was chubby and drunk and I didn't quite catch her name. Still before I met Scott I was very straight and have never been with a guy since, maybe I never will but I really hope I do again, as I rate my first sexual relationship as the best s

from straight virgin gay bitch

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From Straight to Gay Submission


A straight engaged college guy becomes a submissive cocksucker to a dominant black man.

Note: This is a story based (remotely true) on a request from a fan. It is my first attempt at writing gay male fiction. The story is a little extreme, so if that offends you please stop reading now. If it doesn't, I hope you enjoy.

Note 2: Of course, all participants over the age of 18.


Life was pretty normal. I was

from straight gay submission

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A Voice From the Night World Ch. 04

I don't own The Night World or seek to profit from the ideas or characters that belong to another. The Night World belongs to the wonderful L. J Smith. I thank her for creating such a wonderful series that I can borrow for the use of my characters. 

The characters in this story are fictional and any similarities to living people are accidental. As this story contains sex between males, you need to be of legal age to be reading this story and if you don't want to be reading abou

voice from the night world

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