Pathetic Ch. 02: Friendship

"Hi and good morning, I'm Lucca from the IT department." I said as I shook the big wig's hand. "I got an email that there was an issue with this meeting room's equipment?"

"Yes, I need to give this presentation that I have saved on my laptop. I have it connected to the cord for it show up on the TV, but the screen is staying blank."

I suppressed a groan as I instantly decided what the issue was. I really wish that they trained everyone on how to use the equipment. I

pathetic friendship

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Beauty of Friendship

Kyle and James are just finishing up a project for college in their apartment. Both of the guys are wearing a tight T-shirt and short gym shorts. They are sitting on the couch. Their other flat mates aren't home.

The two have been friends since high school. They aren't best friends, but that is soon to change. Kyle is white, and James is black. James is ready to do what he wanted to do for a long time.

"Finally, finished with the project!" said Kyle.

beauty friendship

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