Gym Friends Get a Weekend Away Pt. 01

So after several months things were going great! The wife had no idea and Chuck and I we very happy. We were meeting a couple times a week instead of working out, occasionally for a longer lunch session or when the wife would take the kids. The sex was amazing and we were both very happy. Chuck had headed overseas for a few weeks to see is wife and I missed him so. But when he got back we were right back at it like he never left.

So one day after lunch, laying in his bed with cum

gym friends get weekend away

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Best Friends

My name is Sam. I have a friend named Paul, and we have been friends since high school. Like any best friend we have had our differences but stayed close through it all. He was a country boy like myself and was stocky with nice muscles. He was a very good looking guy and I loved him like a brother and without him I don't know where I'd be. We are both the same age, 27 at the time. He knew everything about me except this one thing, at least I don't think he does. I'm bi and he is straight and is 

best friends

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Oral Friends Ch. 05

Oral Friends Five – Double Suck 

This is the fifth story in the Oral Friends series. Each story stands on its own I believe but the characters carry through them all and sometimes incidents from previous stories are mentioned. This story is pure fantasy, as have all my previous ones been. I've been very pleased with the reception my stories have received. Thanks to all who have emailed or commented publicly. It is because of your feedback that authors continue to write.<

oral friends

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Friends and Lovers Ch. 01

How did I get myself into this situation? I never go out to bars, I'm not a big drinker, yet here I am, taking care of my drunk friend, making sure he doesn't get himself into trouble. I'd much rather be home, relaxing in front of the TV, but no. I had to be the nice guy, and let Mark talk me into going to this trendy new club he knew about. He's so drunk, all I can do at this point is pour him into my car, and hope he doesn't puke on my floor on the drive home.

I got him home, an

friends and lovers

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Meeting New Friends

We just got done with a pickup softball game that I played in when I happened to be walking by when they were starting.

We went over to one of the guys' house and soon our talk turned to sex and the porn came out. Soon guys started taking out their cocks and stroking them. I couldn't help but stare at the nice hard cocks and my mouth started to water and my virgin hole started to throb.

I started staring at one cock in particular. It was a good 9-10 inches long, cu

meeting new friends

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Friends and Runners

K. Nitsua. Copyright 2010 by the author.

Once more this is a story that takes as its starting point a true reminiscence found on the Net, and borrows situations and occasional turns of phrase from its source. I therefore must acknowledge and thank the original, anonymous author. Ken

Greg Combs recognized his old college roommate the second he walked into the Applebee's by the interstate. Adam was sitting in a booth near the entrance, facing the door, a smile

friends and runners

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Three Best Friends

This story is true. I am 19 years old as I write this. It all happened around a year ago. I have tan skin, brown hair and green eyes and am pretty well built. My name is Jay. My height is 5"11. My neighbor. He is white, paler, really well built, brown eyes, handsome, a true Jock and he was 6"4. His name is Jimmy. Our best friend Matt was white, skinny and had blue eyes. He was a little nerdy but kinda good looking. He was around 5"4. A little guy.

It all started one summer when we

three best friends

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Gym Friends Meet for a Beer

A quick summary about me: I consider myself bi. I played with friends in high school and some older neighbors while living at home. But after graduating college, the bi was put a way for a while. After getting married and having a few kids, and wife went cold, they came back out. I ventured into a few Craigslist adds and little to no success, a few ok but most were no shows or well just not what they said they were. And now to the some recent events in my life that have, well changed me!! Don

gym friends meet for beer

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