My Married Friend's Son

(Part One)

I had known "Trick" (short for Patrick) since his third day. I was with Rob when he got the news that the water surrounding his second child, and first son, had broken, and I visited them all in the hospital 72 hours later.

I babysat Trick and his older sister, "Sonny" (short for Jackson), regularly while he was a toddler. Trick was often in a Cardinal red onesie, and I carried him around in my mouth as we crawled through their house. Once we argued for t

married friend's son

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My Best Friend's Boyfriend

Nicole and I used to wait tables together when we were in college and we did a good job of remaining friends thereafter. We'd go out once a month or so with her crazy girlfriends to a karaoke night downtown. She was a party girl in college and she showed no signs of slowing down in her thirties.

It was at karaoke night that she introduced me to Dustin, her latest boyfriend.

"Hey, Nicole told me a lot about you," he said, shaking my hand. He had a nice smile, a shave

best friend's boyfriend

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My Best Friend's Son Ch. 01-04

Chapter 1

My best friend Lexie and I have been friends since she was in high school and I was in middle school. She was friends with my sister and after the accident, she still came around for me. Lexie ended up pregnant in her last year of high school. The dumb jock that knocked her up disappeared to college, leaving her to raise her son alone.

I started a business at 16 that made millions by the time I was 18. I bought more businesses and made a multi-billion doll

best friend's son 01-04

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