The Friday Toy

**** Warning: this story contains explicit bisexual and sexually submissive content, between consenting adults. If it turns you off please do not continue, but if it does - do enjoy. Although fictional, it could have happened to me this one time ... ***

As every Friday now for the past month, a couple picked me up after work. They usually asked me to wait for them at the parking lot next to my work. This Friday night, it was 7 p m and had already become dark

the friday toy

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The Friday Toy Ch. 02

**** Warning: this story contains explicit bisexual and sexually submissive content between consenting adults. If it turns you off please do not continue, but if it does - do enjoy! The story is a sequel to The Friday Toy 1, but with a different twist. ***

It was finally Friday afternoon again. I was looking forward to this evening. In fact, I had waited for this day to arrive all week. Each time I thought of it, I got hot.

Suddenly my office phone rang. I

the friday toy

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Redhead's First time on Friday

My first time was on a Friday. I was 23 years old and had been in a sexless relationship with a girl for several years and always sort of knew that I was interested in guys. Often late at night I would find myself wandering off the straight porn sites onto the links for man on man action. I began to imagine that I was in the photos and wonder what it would be like. I fingered my tight, pink hole and found that I liked it. One day I got up the nerve to buy a life-size rubber dong, a set of traini

redhead's first time friday

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Becoming a Gal Friday Pt. 05-06

Oh my god! I'm naked except for a pair of slutty fire truck red platform high heels, you know the kind you call 'fuck me shoes'. I'm on a bed with David this great looking black guy and Saul, his white gay curly brown hair partner, with the dashing goatee, kind of a Jewish swashbuckler thing going with that goatee. Saul and David are built tall and solidly muscular, though Saul is a few inches taller than David. Both have bodies that only regular attendance at a gym gets you. Their naked as well

becoming gal friday 05-06

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Friday Night Football

They had told me that it would be just a matter of time. That I needed to adjust to being out of the battle zone and back in civilization—just to take life at a low key for a while and be happy to hold down a low-stress job for a while and enjoy TV and playing videogames at night. But I couldn't tell them what all of the stressors were in coming home to a completely different environment. 

It hadn't been something I'd volunteered for, but I'd been the smallest guy in the unit out

friday night football

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Becoming a Gal Friday Pt. 02

Here I am a normal twenty year who had everything, living with this thirty year old babe who loves to be fuck, working at her law office, living with her. An ideal gig and then wham! She dumps me for some rich guy her own age. 

So things were getting desperate for me and I had to find a new job and place to live. That's how I came to be getting drunk, sitting naked at a computer applying for this odd dream job.

Room and board, great pay. But there was a catch.

becoming gal friday

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