Ever Rest at Evernew

"I don't right think he'll last the night, Massa. Land, I don't know what's taken' away the cream of our young men on this plantation."

"Leave me with him, Elvie. I'll see if I can give him some peace."

He watched until the woman had left the hut and then went over and silently shot home the bolt on the door. Returning to the pallet that took up much of the leaning, rough-wood cabin and was perched on a dirt floor, he looked down at the young darky who had once been

ever rest evernew

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First Time Ever

I was 22 years old, slim and very athletic, have always had girlfriends and have always been very dominant with them. I grew up privately schooled and in the church, but still loved taking my girl whenever and wherever like a normal guy... Until I met a guy named G.

I met him while bowling, an athletic looking 34 year old black guy, not sure why he suddenly took interest in being my friend, but I didn't have many other than my girlfriend, so I appreciated the friendship. We watche

first time ever

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A Happier Ever After

I met her during college. The body shape was almost perfect, hourglass-like, an almost comical, yet undeniably sexy image that seemed to come out of how some sex-starved 90s artist would draw an objectified female. Disproportionately large breasts, a soft, pliant ass, smooth skin and shapely legs.

It's like she was born to be fucked, but her personality was nothing to match, if anything, it was the polar opposite, the kind of person to boss her friends around, capable of putting u

happier ever after

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His Best College Roommate Ever


Cody turned out to be the best college roommate I could ever hope for. He was a handsome 20 year old who was 5'6" and weighed a trim 150 pounds. Cody was fit from all his years as a figure skater and as a result he had one of the finest asses I had ever been around. He had light brown hair that he kept neat and trim and he had light brown eyes to match. His body was virtually hairless and his skin was flawless. Cody was well tanned all over except for his curvy ass wh

his best college roommate ever

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