Endless Possibilities

This is my first submission after a long time of enjoying the imaginative and well written works of many authors here. As they say in the movies, the following story was "inspired" by true events. Meaning it is a nugget of truth covered with a large dose of BS. I hope you enjoy reading it at much as I did writing it and constructive criticism is always welcome. 


"It's really going to happen!"

That statement keeps flashing across my mind

endless possibilities

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Endless Desire

A note from the author:

I am extremely grateful to Robert Reams for editing this story. In addition to cleaning up my many errors he also provide advice and clarity suggestions that I feel helped elevate this story from good to great. Any errors that remain are mine and should not be attributed to his assistance in any way.

I would also like to thank those that read my first story and took time to provide constructive criticism, feedback and encouragement (and a

endless desire

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