Cumslut Diaries - Other Encounters

I meet the Salesmen again:

I get to Spankie's about 8:20, a little late. I had just driven from the Georgia mountains. Saw them sitting at a table along the back wall and joined them. Apologize for being late. They didnt mind sitting around having a cocktail watching the people. I had a drink with them then they wanted to go some where else.

I figured we were going back to their room. It was dark and we headed back through the alley behind the bars. I figured that

cumslut diaries other encounters

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Casual Encounters of Transition

There I was. Walking. Walking down the dark Corvallis streets wondering why they weren't better lit. 'At least I can see the stars,' thought the young man I once was. After walking around for fourty-three minutes my predestination is presented to me. Alan's house, at least it was according to the e-mail I received, stood before me. 

Trepidation. I can back out. My cock hungry feet move forward. Desire. Before I can knock on the door a naked man appears in the doorway. He looks at

casual encounters transition

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Strange Encounters

This is my first erotic story and the first part of a series.


I woke with a huge hardon. As I remembered my dream, I began fondling myself. Stacey and Ann were varying between licking my testicles and sliding their mouths up and down my shaft. Every so often they would exchange spit from mouth to mouth and suck on each other's tongues. While thinking of what I had just dreamt, I hadn't even noticed that I began masturbating, and within no time, I shot a hug

strange encounters

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