Dirk’s Domination

April, 2015

Dirk performed his dumbbell curls deliberately and methodically while he stood next to the mirror. He closely watched the way his chiseled biceps strained against his tanned skin. The veins in his arms stood out conspicuously, as he continued to pump blood, into his muscular arms. I could see droplets of sweat trickle down his massive pecs and then slide down his perfect abs, ultimately disappearing into his shorts. The bulge in his shorts stretched the nylon material,

dirk’s domination

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Black Daddy Domination

Scott Clark hated his whiteness. He wasn't able to articulate it exactly in that way; he claimed to be coming to terms with his submissive nature and his overwhelming desire to serve the Black race. Had he been a bit more self-aware, a bit more introspective, he could have accurately described his self-hatred as stemming from his inherent need to feel superior. Whiteness was his disease, magnified by a Napoleonic complex of huge proportions given his height of 5'1". He suffered from narcissism e

black daddy domination

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