Dominated Pt. 02

I tried to shift up to my knees, but my hands were cuffed tight behind my back and my feet were bound. 

I looked up at the master and he repeated his command,

"get up on your knees whore"

I tried again and this time rolled up onto my shoulders than my knees. I struggled but managed to pull myself up. I stared at him with naive optimism that he would be pleased at my efforts.

"You're going to get what you tried to take behind my back and


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Dominated by the Alpha

Erik tensed as the chill wind cut through the forest, his senses were on fire. Corbin would attack from the right, he always did. They had been taught predictability was death, yet the pup never learned that lesson. Erik made it a point to drive it home tonight.

The rustle of leaves, a breaking twig, Corbin burst from the undergrowth to Erik's right. His fangs aiming for his throat found nothing but air and with an unnatural grace Erik rolled to his back and buried his fangs into

dominated the alpha

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Dominated in Brazil Ch. 01

Last year I took a trip with my girlfriend Jenny to Brazil. Yeah I know...when you go to Brazil you shouldn't go with your girlfriend, what's the point? Rio is full of hot, sexy beach girls who'll fuck your brains out. But we were hot for each other and figured we'd go there, hang out, stay on the beach, and basically fuck 24/7, or "expand our erotic life." My girlfriend's freaky and experimental so I figured we might even go for a threesome. These things were true...I just didn't see how our "e

dominated brazil

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Dominated in Jamaica Ch. 02

"Is this what you want piggy," my wife asked sharply as she held Dave's hard cock in her small manicured hand. 

I looked up at her pretty eyes pleadingly. "Yes ma'am," I replied softly as I hung my head in shame. Two day earlier in the heat of the moment during our first attempt at group sex I had sucked another man's cock. It was something I had never imagined doing but I was drunk and it just sort of happened.

I was no longer drunk and yet I had agreed to be a se

dominated jamaica

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Dominated in Jamaica Ch. 01

I'd like to say it only happened because of the alcohol but the truth is that I have always been a freak. I had never done or even thought about anything like that before and that is where the alcohol came in.

My wife Kelly and I were at a well known adult only all inclusive resort in Jamaica to celebrate our 40th birthdays. It was our first night there and after far too many drinks at a number of different resort bars we met Dave and Sandy. They were about ten years younger than

dominated jamaica

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Dominated By Daddy Ch. 01

This is a work of fiction, I do not condone ANY of the activities portrayed in this story, nor do I recommend them to anyone. This story shares many similarities with my previous story "Steam Room Daddy" there are strong elements on non-consent in this story, so if that makes you uncomfortable this probably isn't the story for you. That being said, this story is simply fantasy, so try not to take it too seriously! 


Eric was a bit shy, always had been.

dominated daddy

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The clock said 8:oo P.M., Sunday evening. It was time to go. I checked the contents of my bag and made sure that I had everything that he had requested. In the soft leather bag, was a ball gag for my mouth, three butt plugs, small, medium and large, a dildo that resembled a large, fleshy penis, leather handcuffs, a French Maid's outfit, school girl skirt, thigh stockings and white dress shirt, and a leather strap domination outfit with neck collar and built in cock ring. I had lube and condoms a


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