The Dog Groomer

Right off the top, I'll make quite clear that I'm not a dog person. I'm a cat person. You don't have to walk them and they can be on their own for a weekend without chewing up the new sofa. But my wife thought we needed a dog—because we lived in a "ripe for ripping the rich folk off" golf club community, she said. But I know it was really because Libby next door got an Irish Setter, so naturally we had to have a Wolfhound.

Well, Wolfhounds are high maintenance, and I made quite cl

the dog groomer

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Cat and Dog


Please enjoy Cat and Dog, and if you missed it, go back and enjoy my second-newest story, Firecracker.

Both of the stories are stand-alone, but I may ad chapters in the future.

I see nothing in the near future, but stories have surprised me before. I wrote File 66 in three days, so don't give up hope.

All Characters are 18+*

When I got home, a small sleepy dark head peered from ar

cat and dog

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