Discovering Each Other

Note: This is a story I wrote many, many years ago. I've cleaned up the spelling and grammar, but otherwise left it as it was.


"Do you want to look at some porn," I asked James, my friend from uni who was visiting for a few days.

"Yeah, ok," he replied, "What have you got?"

"Loads of stuff, come down and have a look."

So we went downstairs to the computer and began browsing through my folders. After about ten min

discovering each other

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Discovering My Bi at 18

I was 18. On an out of town basketball trip. Stayed overnight in a motel. We had to double up in bed to save money. As the team captain and star I sacrificed and doubled with this scrawny kid that even looked gay. I told him to leave me alone. 

Later that night I awoke with him slowly masturbating me. It felt so good I didn't stop him. When I shot it landed on my chest. He scooped it up with his fingers and licked it. Then offered me some. I licked it too. It was erotic as hell. T


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Discovering Bareback

I discovered bareback sex when I was in college. It is one of the greatest experiences that any bottom can have. I am super, extra, demandingly, particular who I will do this with, but when I do bareback with a I am getting chills just thinking about it now. 

I've only done it with three people, all of whom were long term lovers that shared an interest in safe condom free sex. We always got tested before and after we'd done barebacking, and we swore to each other that

discovering bareback

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