Zach's Dark Desires Pt. 06

The night Zach sucked his first cock, he was certain that he would be fucked as well. After all, the Man had said at the very beginning that he could have Zach begging to be fucked in just one evening. But it didn't happen. Nor did the man introduce the boy to any of the evil looking devices he had been shown in the room which Zach now thought of as the Dungeon. Instead he was driven back to the baseball field which had now taken on the aspect of a gateway back into the "Real World" for Zach. It

zach's dark desires

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My Oral Desires Finally Come True

There had been a few responses to my ad before D's, but there was something about each -- something impersonal and a bit too eager -- that had made me wary about responding to any of them.

And then came D's reply. There was something trustworthy in his tone. Patient. Not trying to rush things, but from the start, determined to be sure that I was myself comfortable following through with what I had proposed.

What I had proposed was the culmination of 23 years nurturi

oral desires finally come true

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Irresistible Desires

A second submission to the Winter Holidays contest. Thought I'd have another dabble in Gay Male, although it does slip from that category a little at the end of the piece. However, Lit being what it is, I think GM is the right place for it to find a home.

Competition entries are required to be stand-alone submissions, which this one is, but I do leave it at a point where you can ponder on what the new year has in store for James. There's scope for me to add scenes to this one -

irresistible desires

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Zach's Dark Desires Pt. 03-04

Quick Author's note: I was going upload Pt3, but it's quite short so I took pity on you and added Pt 4 as well. Sometimes it's a lonely place releasing your work into the wild... so feel free to add comments, good or bad.. either way it's better than tumbleweed...


Part 3:

Zach stood on the sidewalk next to the baseball field as the van drove away. He could barely believe all that had happened to him since he had left home for his usual ru

zach's dark desires 03-04

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Zach's Dark Desires Pt. 02

Zach hung limp and defeated, restrained against the coldly clinical white tiled wall, The Man's words echoed in his head. Had he thought about what it would be like if one of the men commenting on his videos managed to get a hold of him? One of them, or perhaps more than one? Yes of course he had. He thought back to the first time one of those comments had caught his eye.

"Oh! The things I would do to you, boy!" it had said.

At first Zach had laughed it off. Like th

zach's dark desires

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Those Old Desires

I was a married male when this happened, and it did indeed change everything. I'd been happily married for a year, putting my old life behind me, when I went on travel for work - a week long seminar. I decided to relax in the lounge after the travel day, and that's where I met James. Now at this point you may be asking 'Why is he talking about a guy?' Well, before I met and married Karen, I'd had several past relationships, and most of them with men. I admit that I had limited experience with bo

those old desires

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Zach's Dark Desires Pt. 05

Time seemed to Zach to slow interminably and the twenty minutes dragged out to an eternity. His whole body, every inch of naked flesh, had become hypersensitive. He seemed to sense every tiny shift in the air currents around him as they caressed his feverishly hot skin. Unaware that he had been drugged he assumed that his unwavering erection, and over excited nerve endings were purely the result of his situation. Naked and shackled on an autopsy table, helplessly exposed to cameras, and treated 

zach's dark desires

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Zach's Dark Desires

The boy was spreadeagled against the wall. Padded metal cuffs at his wrists, and upper arms, screwed directly into the white tiled wall, held them tightly above his head. More cuffs at his ankles, held him flat, stretched against the cold white ceramic. His head hung limply, tilted slightly to one side, chin resting on his chest. His youthfully handsome face looked almost angelic as he appeared to sleep peacefully, his defined chest and taut flat stomach expanding and contracting with each shall

zach's dark desires

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